Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Safety End Caps for Standard Lithium ion Smart Batteries

When transporting any battery is is very important that the positive and negative terminals are insulated to avoid short circuits. When transporting Lithium ion batteries this requirement is written into the regulations and anyone offering these batteries for transport must ensure that the terminals are correctly insulated. For OEM shipments this requirement is usually met by the original packaging. When end customers transport their batteries the requirement may be met by using electrical tape, a plastic bag or similar crude means.

At Inspired Energy, their solution is to provide a flexible bright yellow end cap which can be fitted over the end of their standard smart batteries. These provide insulation over the already recessed terminals and prevents any chance of short circuit from loose metal parts such as keys, paperclips etc. They also keep the terminals free from dirt and other contaminants.

These end caps will soon be available from Accutronics, contact me for details. You can view all of the Inspired Energy standard smart batteries and accessories here.

Insulation for Transportation