Thursday, 26 May 2011

Confused about the regulations concerning the transportation of Lithium ion batteries?

The regulations concerning the transportation of Lithium ion batteries can be confusing to those who are designing in their first battery using this technology. It is a subject that I am asked about at most customer meetings that I attend. To aid all of our customers the Accutronics website contains a valuable resource which should help in this matter. You can read it here

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Neil Oliver

Friday, 20 May 2011

1st Israeli Power Sources Conference (Batteries, Fuel Cells & EVs)

I would like to thank Mr Shmuel De-Leon for allowing Accutronics to present at the 1st Israeli Power Conference which was held yesterday at the Daniel Hotel, Herzelia, Israel. My presentation which was entitled "When Power Failure is not an option" covered Lithium ion technology, safety, Smart Battery functionality and Lithium Ion transportion regulations.

Thank you also to our colleagues at Alexander Schneider who hosted us for the day on their exhibition booth. I know that the event generated a great deal of interest from the large number of delegates who attended this excellent conference and exhibition.

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