Thursday, 7 June 2012

C is for customer and customised: Prabhjit Singh’s quest for performance and quality

Prabhjit Singh’s role as operational strategy engineer at Accutronics includes business strategy study, developing operational strategy conducive to the market needs and our complex custom battery product range’s requirements, implementing the strategy and developing an evaluation system. Prabhjit’s strong technical knowledge is underpinned by a proven track record of success within supply chain management.

Prabhjit Singh at the Accutronics headquarters
What were you doing before you joined Accutronics?
I came to the UK in 2008 from Delhi, India to do an MSc in Supply Chain and Operations Management at Nottingham University Business School. I finished the degree in 2009 and worked on a few projects for various companies from December that year. For these firms, I was mainly involved in developing operational strategies to achieve their business aims, and this is what I am doing now at Accutronics.

When did you join Accutronics?
I joined the company in December 2010 with a remit to look at its business plan over the next five years and to set goals and objectives. I’m focussed on what Accutronics has to do in manufacturing, purchasing, logistics and the whole supply chain to achieve these.

What is your key role at Accutronics?

The company has a very strong focus on customer needs and more than 80% of products are customised solutions that follow an in-depth study. Our engineers develop close relationships with customers to understand their requirements and to come up with ideas of what needs to be done.

How do customised solutions benefit Accutronics and its customers?
A customised solution is a good thing but on the other hand, from the point of view of operations, it can also be a significant challenge. If you have ten customers then you have ten different products and ten manufacturing processes from one manufacturing plant - which is a complex management issue to resolve. This is the main reason why I am here: to ensure we achieve a high level of performance without compromising quality.

What are your favourite pastimes and hobbies?
Whenever I have free time, I like to take long drives to various parts of the UK. I visited Scotland recently, and I have some holidays coming up when I plan to visit Ireland.