About us

Accutronics is a UK based developer and manufacturer of custom rechargeable batteries for professional applications; we are focused on delivering the latest battery technology to OEMs worldwide in a range of professional markets. We are a full service operation, offering ‘whole of life’ support for OEMs and design consultants who demand a high level of technical and commercial expertise.

Our account managers and technical staff are experienced battery specialists who work closely with your company to ensure peace of mind throughout the concept, development, production and delivery phases of your project.

Our track record speaks for itself with many customers having worked with us for many years on multiple projects; Accutronics are trusted partners who can be relied on to consistently provide the best product at the right time at the right price.

Accutronics is an expert in the development of 'smart batteries' which offer improved functionality and performance with features such as charge control, fuel gauging and device communication. Our in-house development of electronics hardware and software, coupled with our innovative mechanical designs result in battery designs which are truly class leading.

Whether you are starting from a blank sheet of paper or have a full design package ready, Accutronics will work with you to get your battery through development and into production on schedule. Our in house engineers can work independently or liaising with your own team to create a battery design which meets specification while exceeding expectation.